Psychometric tests – Identifying Talents


Online psychometric tests, applied per job level: from operational to management level, with easy to interpret automated reports and graphs. All reports are in Spanish.

We suggest a complete evaluation that integrates personality, intelligence and behavior. We advise you which types and how many tests you could choose, according to the requirements and responsibilities of the position.

Packages or individual tests can be acquired.



Assess the actual behavior and the development of human potential.

Behavior test for Managers and Directors. Evaluates the subject’s behavior as a leader in both a normal situation, in a motivated situation and under pressure. Evaluates as well the actual job performance. Can be used in a wide range of assessments, it has 24 themes. Estimated time is 30 minutes. (It’s an integral part of the overall Humansoft-test).

Values and Interests. Values test for administrators, Executives, Managers and Directors. Evaluates two areas. Values: Moral, Honesty, Indifference Corruption. Interests: Economic, Political, Social, Religious. Estimated time 20 minutes.

Personality Tests

Personality tests for different levels of positions: executive, administrative, supervisors, middle and high management.

Personality test for all types of positions. Evaluates the projective personality of the individual using 8 cards with different colors. Detects needs and anxieties, plus repressed aspects and factors such as dominance, willpower, job satisfaction, efficiency, among others. Estimated time 25 minutes.

Profile and Personality Inventory. Evaluates the personality of the individual with 8 features that are significant in the daily functioning of the person. Consists of 38 questions. Test for Executives, Administrators, Supervisors and Managers. Factors that are evaluated are responsibility, self-esteem, vigor, sociability, originality. Estimated time 20 to 25 minutes.

Intelligence Tests

Test the intelligence of Executives, Administrators, Supervisors and Managers. Measures both intellectual ability as emotional intelligence.

Intelligence test for Executives, Administrators, Supervisors and Managers. Assesses mental ability, intellectual ability, level of concentration, analysis, planning and 7 more factors. Each of the 10 sub tests have a time parameter. The test takes an estimated 45 minutes.

Intelligence test for technical levels. Tests mental agility. Evaluates the brainpower via logical, numerical and verbal reasoning. Contains 50 questions in order of increasing difficulty. Estimated time is 12 minutes.

Integrated reports

Apart from the individual tests, we offer 5 different integrated assessments, made up of several predefined tests. The integrated report is not a summary of the individual tests, but a single report that integrates the results of different tests. According to the structure and objectives of each position, it is important to preselect the positions for which these integrated reports will be useful.

3 tests are integrated in this report. Evaluates behavior for middle managers and executives. This integrated evaluation assesses the management way of thinking and general management, considering the following factors: opportunity areas, average areas and strengths related to: pro activity, result orientation, creativity and innovation, problem analysis, organization, teamwork, leadership potential, communication, persistence, working under pressure, planning and monitoring and intellectual efficiency.