Besides being the Legal Employer of the outsourced employees, DPESA also calculates, elaborates and manages payrolls.

DPESA has vast experience in managing personnel for international companies with permanent or temporary operations in Nicaragua; clients are from the United States, Chile, El Salvador, Guatemala and Iceland.


Your benefits

• DPESA is the legal employer of your employees
• Compliance with Nicaraguan labor laws
• Good relationships and record with Social Security (INSS), Tax office (DGI) and Ministry of Labor ( Mitrab)
• Occupational risk management based on Nicaraguan laws and procedures
• Confidentiality in the handling of information
• Attention to queries from employees
• Advice on the application of labor laws
• Recruitment and selection for replacement of employees
• On time and exact reporting to governmental institutions
• Other services like the analysis and purchase of health, life and accident insurance can be added

Payroll Management

Includes calculating and preparing the payroll for all employees legally employed by the client, integrating all fixed and variable income, deductions, benefits by law among others. As well the elaboration and delivering of mandatory income and tax reports and overviews for the Social Security (INSS) and the National Institute for Technical Education (INATEC) Payroll payment can be online or directly done by the client.