Excellence in Human Factor

Specialized online HR management platform, available as annual license or software. Includes psychometric testing, competence management and selection, online interviewing and work environment survey & analisis.


Full battery of online automated psychometric tests. Evaluates behavior, personality, intelligence, values and sales skills. Tests are by job level: Operational, Administration, Management, Sales, Supervisors / Middle Management and Executives / Directors. Useful for new hires, internal promotion, talent development and the identification of training needs for individuals or complete areas.


Software with full battery of psychometric tests, which evaluates key factors like personality, behavior and intelligence. Available from one to 24 tests, option to choose the amount and type of test according to your needs.

PerfilLPC – LPC Leader Competence

Online Recruitment tool based on competences. Allows to evaluate all levels of positions by means of different behavioral competence levels, values, emotional intelligence and specific competences.
Identifies features of good performance, differentiating between “knowledge”, “knowing how to do” and “the actual performance” as well as identifying the underlying values.

Mientrevista online

When the time comes to do face to face interviews in the selection process, they may be too complicated to organize, taking valuable time of both the company and the candidates themselves.
Mientrevista online is a system of online interviews, allowing the respondent to answer different questions remotely, providing access only to the key questions by the employer and thereby achieving maximum efficiency in personnel selection. An alternative that will save time, money and recruitment efforts.


Tool which allows you to analyze the performance of your employees. The diagnosis is obtained from self-assessments, evaluations by managers, peers and subordinates, obtaining results in real time.
The tool provides options to create unlimited positions, to select your own features, competences and questions in order to evaluate performance.


Tool which assesses the organizations work environment and how this is reflected in the efficiency and results of the different teams/areas.
Discloses the situation of the company, identifying opportunities and areas for improvement or specific issues requiring action.